We would like to remind premiere supply chain technology and services providers that opportunities still remain to have your company noted as well as benefiting as a sponsor of the Supply Chain Matters blog

Continued business uncertainty in 2010 across various vertical industries and the ongoing consolidation of the supply chain industry analyst community warrant that technology providers need to be more creative in insuring identity and recognition of their brand. The continued importance and proven success of leveraging social media strategies such as high quality blogs to provide timely thought leadership, market influence, and identify future prospects and customers has become a more cost efficient means to leverage product marketing spend. Supply chain professionals and decision makers will continue to seek out advisory sites such as Supply Chain Matters to help sort out the implications of strategic, business process and technology selection decisions.

top100analystblogs2009 was a great year for this site, and our momentum continues in 2010.  Our readers continue to seek knowledge, commentary and insights related to business process and technology needs of global supply chains.  This blog was also recently designated by Technobabble 2.0 as one of the Top 100 of Analyst Blogs, a ranking derived from quantitative factors such as Google PageRank, Yahoo and Google Inbound Links, Google Reader Subscribers and Twitter links  Qualitative factors include amount of influence on technology selection, volume and quality of postings, all of which combined added to an overall ranking total score. This site is one of few independent industry analyst sites to achieve such a ranking.

Unlike other top-tier blogs catering to the supply chain community, we do not continuously boast that this site is the number one site for breaking news and commentary.  Instead, we take pride in the fact that the quality of the commentary and content featured on Supply Chain Matters has led to an explosive and sustained growth in our readership and web-site links.  This volume is also reflected in the site click-through rates for current sponsors.

Tiered sponsorship programs are capped to a designated number and include your firm’s involvement in sponsoring timely supply chain advisory content.  There are several cost-affordable and competitive levels of sponsorship.  The premiere single Gold sponsorship is currently available along with affordably priced Bronze and Associate level sponsorships. Gold and Silver sponsorships include my personal consulting services in reinforcing market themes, assisting in inbound marketing lead generation and supporting content for your marketing and industry influence programs.

The 2010 Supply Chain Matters Media Guide outlines in much more detail the various levels of sponsorship opportunities available in 2010. You can obtain a copy by both sending an email including your name, firm, and contact information to bferrari at blog1 dot com, or clicking on this Sponsorship Information Request Form link under the Pages Section, on the top-right hand side panel.

Take advantage of the opportunity to springboard your 2010 product marketing and brand awareness initiatives and to have your firm’s name featured with our current stellar list of sponsors.

 Bob Ferrari