Today, I am very pleased to announce that during the month of May, Supply Chain Matters experienced its largest readership, breaking our previous high water mark of monthly visitors.  According to our latest Alexa rankings, the Supply Chain Matters blog experienced an average 20% increase in readership during the past three months.

Loyal Supply Chain Matters followers may recall that in April some readers experienced an ominous malware warning when they tried accessing this site.  The problem was quickly alleviated and the site was made clean within a couple of hours, but it took over three weeks to close the loop with Google and other search engines to remove such warnings.  I personally learned a lot about this type of technical issue, not to mention having the frustration of trying to gain the attention of a very impersonal entity, Google.   It is gratifying to know the majority of other bloggers, such as Michael Lamoureux on Sourcing Innovation, were very sympathetic and supporting.

I want to personally express thanks to all of our globally based readers, as well as our sponsors, for your continued loyalty and interest in our ongoing commentary of global supply chain developments. You are truly valued.

 Thank you!

Bob Ferrari

Executive Editor