As frequent readers may be aware, Supply Chain Matters has been featuring a number of updates regarding then ongoing novel COVID-19 Coronavirus impact on global and industry supply chains. Our last formal update (Update Seven) published on March 7, and we published a separate update specifically focused on ongoing challenges of healthcare supply chains several days ago.

With the outbreak now classified as a global pandemic, events are obviously moving at a rapid rate and global and industry supply chains are going to be impacted in various dimensions.  Supply Chain Matters blog

Globally, the latest statistics point to over 175,000 cases, impacting over 155 countries and regions, with the epicenter of outbreaks now concentrated in continental Europe, with increased health concerns from other nations including the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States.

Extraordinary measures are underway to attempt to flatten the curve of new outbreaks and community spread by restricting movement and close contact of populations. At the same time, signs of concerns among global health officials continue to increase, particularly focused on healthcare delivery systems’ ability to adequately treat an expected surge of critically ill people.

Panic buying among consumers is prevalent, which is to be expected, but not to the degree it has occurred across the United States and other regions.  A lack of adequate pandemic planning has rattled the confidence of consumers, and in some cases, organizations themselves.

This Editor is focused with what is the best means to share important, critical or valuable knowledge with the global supply chain management and technology community going forward. With events now literally non-stop, regular update summations seem to become untimely, since events change by the hour.

Thus, this blog will focus on publishing what we and our readers believe would be important information, recommendations or insights that can assist industry supply chains to manage and get thru this extraordinary challenge.

Over the coming days and weeks, readers can expect commentaries or short updates related to specific supply chain or technology developments. We will also be assisting clients and sponsors in getting the word out relative to new technology developments or online events.  Like many, our travel is grounded for the time being and thus we will continue to serve as a virtual knowledge resource.

We further call on other blogs, technology community providers and supply chain management media such as ours to help pool our knowledge and capabilities in joint web events to provide added insights and perspectives.

Please utilize our vast knowledgebase of over ten years of functional and industry-specific supply chain commentaries, some related to past supply chain disruptions. All content related to the current Coronavirus outbreak is tagged with COVID-19 for searching.

We finally encourage Supply Chain Matters readers to let us know what specific topics that would be most helpful during this time of challenge. Please email us at: feedback <at> supply-chain-matters <dot> com with your inputs and/or ideas.

One again, thanks for your continued readership.  Be safe, be prudent and be attentive to family and co-workers.


Bob Ferrari, Founder and Executive Editor