In Q1, we initiated the Supply Chain Matters Quarterly Newsletter as a supplement to this blog.  The newsletter provides an analysis of our daily and weekly blog commentaries, providing a broader and more reflective perspective on this past quarter’s events and their implications across global supply chains.

The Q3 Newsletter was distributed this morning.

Two prominent supply chain themes dominated the events from July through September of 2009:

  • The continuing supply chain effects brought about by the current global recession, with ample evidence indicating that the tide may be turning towards recovery in certain geographic and industry sectors.  Supply chain executives however remain very cautious, since recovery can be stymied by any number of setbacks.
  • Ongoing supply chain disruption, manifested by continued product contamination incidents as well as the looming threat of an ongoing H1N1 flu pandemic  Supply chain disruption continued at Boeing, and Southwest Airlines averted another operational crisis with the potential grounding of up to 82 aircraft because of uncertified parts.

The Q3 Newsletter also provides references to some additional good reading related to supply chain risk management and a Washington Post Op-Ed describing how the U.S. is falling behind in green technology development.

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