This posting is to alert our readers that the Supply Chain Matters and Ferrari Consulting and Research Group Q2-2014 Newsletter published this morning and should be in the email inboxes of our hundreds of registered subscribers.

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The Q2 newsletter includes four insightful articles with two announcements:

  • Our usual quantitative summary of global supply chain activity along with a capsulized summary of significant supply chain and B2B developments during the quarter.


  • An alert to a June report from The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners that quantifies the scope of occupational fraud.


  • Highlights of a healthy discourse reflecting on the Internet of Things, specifically the required infrastructure needed for wide scale adoption.


  • Highlights of our enhanced Research Center services for readers and clients.


  • Managing Director and Supply Chain Matters Founder Bob Ferrari being cited as one of Top Supply Chain Social Media Power Influencers.


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