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Our latest newsletter reinforces important trends brought forward by developments this past quarter.

Global manufacturing and supply chain activity as recorded by the JP Morgan Global Manufacturing PMI index reflected continued uncertainty and a continued trending toward global contraction. Among Developed Regions, there were signs of modest rebound both in the United States and Taiwan, however there were setbacks for the Eurozone and Japan. Among Emerging Regions, India, Mexico and Vietnam indices are on the rebound, with growth in Mexico being the strongest. There was slight moderation to China’s prior declines.

Among other Newsletter articles for Q1:

  • Amazon’s Unfolding Strategy in Broadening Omni-Channel and Retail Customer Fulfillmentand the contrasting of the evolving strategy to that of the rollout and expansion of Amazon Web Services.
  • Lessons of the 2011 Japan Earthquakes Possibly Come Back to Haunt as witnessed by events and indications this month.
  • More Profound Implications of Omni-Channel Impact on Retail Industry– events which manifested themselves in Q1 including the announcement of two retail chain bankruptcies and significant organizational changes among larger retailers.
  • Supply Chain Matters Welcoming of LLamasoft as a Sponsor– and an upcoming market educational series on the various capabilities needed in supply chain wide visibility.

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