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The past quarter incredibly noteworthy from many dimensions, especially the ongoing implications of the COVID-19 coronavirus on respective industry, business and global supply chains. The Ferrari Consulting and Research Group

For this our first Newsletter in the current year, we included the following entries:

Global Supply Chain Activity Levels

Throughout  2019, this blog continuously alerted readers and clients to ongoing quantitative data indicating a discernable slowdown in global-wide supply chain activity levels and technical manufacturing recession levels.

The first quarter provided initial but stark signs of how COVID-19 is beginning to impact global-wide activity, along with obvious implications for at least the next two quarters if not the entire year.  We have provided visual charts to help readers visualize the initial degree of impact.

Many economists are now advising that rather than a “V” shaped recovery, the global economy is headed more towards some for of a “U” or other form of recovery. Much depends on the short- and longer-term course of this virus, and how various industry customer demand and supply networks manage what is likely to be a longer-term disruption.


Dominant Themes in Q1-2020

Dominant industry and global supply chain management themes during the first quarter of 2020 centered on specific industry supply chain challenges and/or developments. By late January and progressing into February and March, the implications of the rapid global spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic dominated industry supply chain management teams and most all of our published content.

Industry Supply Chain Developments

During the better part of January, our industry-specific content focused on the 2019 full year implications on commercial aerospace demand and supply networks, and specifically Boeing’s ongoing and more significant implications related to the ongoing 737 MAX aircraft global grounding crisis. In mid-January, we highlighted the 2019 full year operational performance of Airbus and Boeing, and by mid-March, a commentary indicating that the COVID-19 outbreak introduced a brutal new reality for the industry’s aircraft demand and supply networks, which is yet to be fully quantified, other than it will be significant.

We addressed Tesla Motor’s perceived positive 2019 operational performance depicted by many as a turnaround, and by March, COVID-19 introduced an industry wide set of new challenges related to product demand and supply networks.

Global Supply Chain Developments

In late January, Great Britain’s formal exit from the European Union (Brexit) occurred at the end of January after a number of frustrating delays and indications of political turmoil. The year 2020 was scheduled to be a transition toward negotiating a number of the detailed elements of the exit plan including customs, transportation and other supply chain focused provisions. How this transpires, now under a far different economic impact is yet to play out.

From late January on, the implications of the corona virus on global and industry-specific supply chains became very visible in all forms of general, industry and tech media, including Supply Chain Matters.  We experienced an influx of new readers and fielded calls from media, client and industry supply chain sources.  We fully anticipate that quarters Q2 and Q3 will additionally be dominated by similar topics as both operational and global economic impacts become more widespread.


Other Q1-2020 Newsletter Items:

  • We highlighted general availability our 2020 Predictions for Industry Supply Chains detailed 40-page research report that occurred in February. By late March it became clear that the COVID-19 disruption would add new implications including five specific predictions. We plan an addendum to this report sometime in May.
  • As was published on this blog, we highlighted for Newsletter readers the Top Five Most Read blogs published during 2019, along with their subject matter.
  • Informed Newsletter readers that Kinaxis will again be a Sustaining sponsor of Supply Chain Matters in 2020, along with increased thought leadership collaboration that will include the launching of a new podcasting series in the not too distant future.
  • Highlighted for Newsletter readers our newly introduced, attractively priced bundled services and content offering for making online events more memorable for attendees including key messages and takeaways.


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Bob Ferrari, Founder and Executive Editor

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