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Our latest newsletter is jammed-packed with information and again reinforces important trends brought forward by developments in 2016 as well as many of our predictions for this year.

Global manufacturing and supply chain activity as recorded by the JP Morgan Global Manufacturing PMI index showed steady momentum in Q1- 2017, as was noted by the report authors as “the best outcome since the second quarter of 2011.” The question remains as to whether geopolitical forces of uncertainty will derail this momentum.

Among Developed Regions, there was once again, pronounced growth momentum with the Eurozone, United States, and Taiwan. All four of our tracked regions ended Q1 at levels 4-6 percentage points well above the 50 mark of growth.

Emerging Regions reflected slowing growth momentum in Q1, again brought on by currency headwinds.  The average of the five specific countries we track in this category lagged the developed regions by nearly 3.5 percentage points. Vietnam was the bright spot in the opening quarter, followed by India and Mexico. China’s supply chain activity remained relatively flat from the specific indices that we track.

Among other Newsletter articles for Q1-2017:

  • Dominant Theme in Q1-2017: More Implications for Online Customer Fulfillment in B2C Retail- The ramifications and fallout among traditional retailers after the results of the 2016 holiday fulfillment period were more sobering, with an outlook for thousands of brick and mortar store closings to come for the remainder of this year.
  • Dominant Theme in Q1-2017: The First 90 Days of the Trump Administration- a dizzying pace of news, speculation and editorial regarding changed corporate tax, consequent import tax, and global trade policies was enough to motivate supply chain team members to have a drink or two at the local pub. None the less, preparation and continual analysis continues to be the byword.
  • Dominant Theme in Q1-2017- Rapidly Changing Global Transportation Dynamics- Q1 provided more evidence of a faster pace of ocean container line pressures towards industry attrition leading up the implementation of three major industry alliance networks on April 1. Container rates and capacity constrictions also spiked towards the end of the quarter.
  • Top Ten Readership Blogs in 2016- we call for Newsletter readers attention to our posting of the Top Ten Blogs of Supply Chain Matters readership interest in 2016.
  • New Website Improvements Underway- We updated Newsletter readers that web site improvements are underway for both our consulting and research services web site as well as the Supply Chain Matters

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