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The Q1-2015 Newsletter includes the following articles and insights:

  • Our quarterly quantitative and qualitative update summaries of global PMI supply chain activities and trends
  • Developed Economies and Emerging Regions Q1 Activity Tracking
  • Assessment of Q1 Supply Chain Events
  • The need for Better Measures of Supply Chain Success
  • Looking Ahead: 2015 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains


Beginning with this newsletter, our categorization of supply chain activity by major region includes the categorization of China, India, Indonesia, Mexico and Vietnam which have each been targeted by various industry supply chains as emerging low-cost or innovation-based regions.  Trending of this region’s activities already turns out to be rather interesting as can be noted in our below tracking:

Emerging Regions PMII Q1_2015_350_227

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Bob Ferrari, Founder and Executive Editor