The Supply Chain Matters blog announces the publishing of our latest recorded podcast episode: Assessing the Business Value of LLMs and Chat GPT- What Should Businesses and Supply Chains Anticipate in 2024 and Beyond.

Our invited thought leader guest for this episode is Fred Laluyaux, a thought leader on the future of work and the CEO of Aera Technology, a technology provider transforming the future of work leveraging Decision Intelligence.


Podcast Perspective

Multi-industry supply chain management teams are now turning their attention to plans for the year 2024. In conjunction with our research arm’s 2024 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains Advisory that will publish in January 2024, we feature a series of thought leadership guests that are sharing perspectives on what to expect in specific supply chain management, business process, and technology areas in the coming year.

In our most recently published Supply Chain Matters commentary, we highlighted the five major themes of our upcoming research advisory: What Supply Chain Management Teams Should Anticipate in 2024.

Our prior recorded podcast addressing the theme of what to expect in 2024 was Episode 23: What Should Supply Chain Leaders Expect In 2024, featuring Radu Palamariu, Managing Director, Alcott Global, an international executive search firm focused on needs for supply chain operations and senior leadership.


Episode Overview

In this latest podcast conversation, we contrast the existing application of AI and machine learning technology already occurring in multiple areas of supply chain planning and decision making with the emerging application of more advanced AI technology. Our discussion spans the fundamental differences between these applications and what are now emerging Large Language Models (LLM), termed Generative AI and Chat GPT focused technologies.

Fred provides listeners with clarity in layperson terms as to what these technologies are being designed to support. He further shares observations and perspectives as to how these technologies will ultimately find their presence in areas of supply chain decision-making and what 2024 has in-store in terms of early adoption. Further contrasted are the learning and value already garnered from customer deployments of current AI enabled applications. Our conversation shares viewpoints as to how senior business and supply chain executives are viewing these more advanced AI applications in terms of their potential, added dependencies, or competitive risks.


How to Listen

Episode 24 can be listened to here by clicking on the below embedded Supply Chain Matters Podcast recording.

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