We are pleased to announce to our Supply Chain Matters readership readers the availability of our latest podcast episode titled- Decision Intelligence- The Next Frontier in Supply Chain Digital Transformation.

Our invited thought leader guest is Fred Laluyaux, an entrepreneur at heart and Silicon Valley veteran, whom this supply chain technology industry analyst has known for several years. Fred provides an impressive track record building successful startups and driving technology innovation. He is a thought leader on the future of work and decision intelligence for the enterprise. He is further a technology and startup advisor to hedge funds and financial institutions, as well as an investor and active Board Member of several start-ups in the U.S. and Europe. Fred is currently the CEO of Aera Technology, and previously was the CEO of Anaplan, which he grew to a $1B+ valuation.


Episode Overview

As global supply chain management teams transition into 2023, they continue to deal with a continuance of supplier, specific component and transportation disruptions that have challenged teams since the onset of the Covid-19 outbreak and the explosion of product demand in 2021.

Unquestionably, a topic on the minds of many business and supply chain leaders is what and how can businesses be better prepared in supply network agility, resiliency and more informed decision-making.

Decision-making for most business and supply chain organizations still requires constant efforts in data gathering, analysis, and joint decision-making. Data and information proliferates and is often analyzed in spreadsheets or legacy applications software. Yet, as the last three years has brought forth, the needs for timelier, context aware and predictive decision-making is ever more essential for managing the scope, breadth and complexity of many industry supply chains.

In this podcast discussion, we discuss what constitutes an artificial intelligence/machine learning technology enabled decision intelligence process capability and why senior business and supply chain leaders have become more interested in its benefits.

Supply Chain Matters podcastOur guest further addresses the misperceptions about this capability that sometimes exist, including beliefs that an organization may not be ready to leverage decision intelligence because of either business process, people skill or data readiness concerns. Further discussed is how organizations thru utilization of current day decision intelligence methodologies and preparation discover that supply chain management teams are not making the key decisions that should be making to deliver better business outcomes.

A final topic of discussion coincides with our ongoing 2023 predictions series, as Fred shares his observations and views the future of supply chains in the next three to five years.

How to Listen

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