We are pleased to announce to our Supply Chain Matters readers the listening availability of our latest podcast: Overcoming Supply Chain Disruptions and Instilling Supply Network Resilience in Post Pandemic Supply Networks.

Our featured guest is Graham Scott, Vice President of Global Procurement for global based manufacturing services provider Jabil. His responsibilities are leadership of Jabil’s global commodity management, quoting, supplier relationship management efforts.

Graham’s teams analyze commodity market trends, pricing, capacity and supply/demand models for Jabil’s multi-industry customers. He has amassed over 25 years of experience and insights in the EMS industry and in global manufacturing trends and capabilities. He has lived and held leadership roles in Europe, Asia and the U.S. over the course of his career.

We invited Graham to provide a more-timely perspective relative to the ongoing multi-industry challenges related to needed supply network agility and resiliency efforts along with the important process, people and enabling technology dimensions.

Our conversational topics span how Jabil has navigated the various global supply chain and transport disruptions that have occurred these past two plus years. Graham outlines the most important learnings acquired in people, process and technology dimensions along with what he describes as the four “C’s”  of organizational wide capabilities.

Noted are the key investments and initiatives made by Jabil prior to the pandemic, that became instrumental in responding to global wide material shortages. Further discussed are the primary actions that manufacturers and OEM’s continue to undertake to address needs for added supply network agility and resiliency.

We explore the relationships of senior procurement leaders with an organization’s C-Suite executives, and perspectives on the role of sourcing and procurement transforming itself to be a stakeholder in enabling business strategies.

This is a not to be missed podcast that provides many valuable insights.

Episode 18 can be here listened to by clicking on the below embedded Supply Chain Matters Podcast recording.

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We will continue in our efforts to line up other recognized thought leader guests with perspectives and insights for addressing supply chain management challenges and opportunities in specific areas of supply chain product demand and supply network capability, thinking and direction. This will include topics related to the year 2023 and beyond. Stay tuned for updates for forthcoming episodes.


Bob Ferrari

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