The Supply Chain Matters blog announces the availability of the Supply Chain Matters Podcast Episode 17- Needs for More Diverse Supply Chain Talent from the Lens of Technology.

There is a growing consensus that existing supply chain and talent management processes and technology need a rethink. The evolution of technology, the growing complexity and performance expectations for industry supply chains are driving the need to have people who understand data, analytics and decision-making needs from multiple angles including planning, execution, product management and customer service level performance.

We believed that it would be helpful to multi-industry supply chain podcast audience that conversation and insights relative to talent management from the lens of an enterprise technology provider would have value. The perspective is that of a provider that has interacted with various global based business and supply chain management teams on enabling their digital transformation efforts and the learning that have been acquired before, during and post technology transformation.

Our invited guest in this podcast conversation is Terri Hiskey, Vice President of SCM Product Marketing for Oracle, where she leads the strategic development and execution of supply chain and manufacturing-focused content, programs, and assets. Terri came to Oracle from Epicor, a global provider of ERP solutions for small and midsize manufacturers and distributors, where she led the manufacturing product marketing team. Terri has spent nearly a decade leading various SCM product marketing efforts to promote Oracle’s product lifecycle management, manufacturing, maintenance, and order management solutions. Based in Austin, Texas, she provides over 20 years of technology marketing experience, focused primarily on helping customers efficiently design, build, and service innovative products for the right markets at the right time.

Our podcast conversation focuses on what are key technical and organizational skill traits that organizations should be focusing on to assure success in their digital transformation efforts. The context includes supply chain operational execution as well functional staff level roles having to interact and leverage technology.

Further discussed are common mistakes encountered from a skills perspective, including the assimilation of technology savvy professionals seeking an organization that can provide both challenge as well as career growth. Included is discussion on the interaction of inter-generational and diverse work teams, along with the power and dynamics of outside-in driven change.

Terri additionally shares highlights from her recently authored Supply Chain Management Review article on why supply chain organizations should consider the recruiting of experienced gamers and tapping the hidden market of skills that are not generally explored by businesses.

This is an informative and timely conversation.


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