The Supply Chain Matters blog announces availability of Podcast Episode 15- Restoring Enhanced Control in Material Sourcing and Supplier Collaboration.

As supply chain management and procurement teams now turn attention to the year 2022 we continue to host a series of podcast guests that will be sharing perspectives on specific business process and technology areas.

Our own Ferrari Consulting and Research Group 2022 Predictions for the specific area of procurement and supply management indicates that restoring more direct control in material sourcing, along with added supply network resiliency, will be a driving force for businesses in the coming year.

Our featured podcast guest for this episode is Kevin Frechette, the CEO and Co-Founder of Fairmarkit. His core focus is on understanding how tail spend management will transform using data analytics, AI, machine learning, and automation. He has invested time in meeting with large numbers of procurement leaders from every industry to learn how they view, and approach tail spend.

In our conversation, we discuss the realities that the pandemic years have accelerated the needs for increased digital transformational needs across many industries, and especially within the area of materials sourcing and procurement moving forward. Kevin provides a perspective of how the role of procurement will be transforming itself in the coming months particularly in the area of misaligned priorities and new opportunities.

We further discuss the changing relationships of senior procurement executives with the organization’s CFO and other C-Suite executives, particularly in the area of misaligned priorities or new opportunities. His perspective is that it will no longer be acceptable to inform a CFO or CEO that the organization does not have the right level of data or cannot measure a specific metric.

An additional topic likely to be of interest to our listening audience are Kevin’s perspectives on how individuals seeking to have a broader role in procurement and supply management leadership can be better prepared in a complement of skills that will be of value to many organizations.

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We continue to line up additional thought leader guests with perspectives of what to anticipate in 2022 in specific areas of supply chain product demand and supply network capability thinking and directions. Stay tuned for updates for forthcoming episodes.

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Bob Ferrari

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