The Supply Chain Matters blog announces availability of our newest podcast episode- Retail Online Fulfillment- Taking More Direct Control.

Our podcast guest is Guy Courtin, a respected thought leader and speaker on the topic of the future of retail industry. In his current role as Vice President and Industry Principal, he leads omnichannel supply chain technology efforts for provider Tecsys’ go-to market strategy. Guy brings over 20 years of experience in the supply chain industry, having held senior leadership roles at 6 Rivers Robotics, Infor, Progress Software, and i2 Technologies. In addition, he has been an industry analyst covering the supply chain and retail spaces for SCM World, Constellation Research and Forrester Research.

Courtin has been featured on numerous industry publications, podcasts and panels speaking on the evolving retail ecosystem, the role of technology, and the interplay between physical and digital customer experiences; he provides insight into the future of the store, the new goalposts for customer loyalty, and how hybrid retail is forging new shopping paradigms.

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Episode 14 Discussion

As supply chain management and customer order fulfillment teams complete their efforts in another rather challenging year, our podcast discussion turns to 2022 and beyond, and what to anticipate.

There is little question that global consumers are increasingly turning to online customer fulfillment as a preferred buying channel. With this shift toward exploding E-commerce fulfillment comes additional logistics and last mile delivery planning and execution challenges.

In this podcast episode we discuss diverse topics that include:

  • Online retailers moving toward added capabilities in areas such as fulfillment clusters, the steering of customers to various fulfillment options, similar to the notions Uber like fulfillment hubs, and the added notions of same day and hourly delivery of online orders.
  • Observations on the notions of micro-fulfillment centers as an appendage or supplement to brick-and-mortar retail stores. An area where this is especially manifesting itself is in online grocery fulfillment, specialty apparel and food products and other retail areas. There are notions of a dark store dedicated to online fulfillment or dedicated fully automated facilities servicing regional fulfillment needs becoming closer to reality.
  • Where technology will be most prominent in supporting and enhancing new online fulfillment capabilities, and what specific areas will advanced technology play the most prominent role.


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