Supply Chain Matters announces availability of our Podcast Episode 13- New Manifestations of Lean and Connected Manufacturing.

Our podcast guest features Richard Lebovitz, a 30-year lean manufacturing expert and a widely recognized thought leader in lean thinking and just-in-time manufacturing processes and the Founder and CEO of Austin Texas based LeanDNA, a Cloud-based actionable intelligence platform for factory management. Richard is widely recognized thought leader in lean thinking and just-in-time manufacturing.

Prior to LeanDNA, he was the Founder and CEO of Factory Logic, Inc. (acquired by SAP), which he started in 1997. He built Factory Logic into a leading provider of software that models the Toyota Production System and won the Shingo Prize for Manufacturing Excellence in 2001.

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In our podcast discussion, we discuss the significant outside-in market forces and cascading disruptions now occurring across multiple industries, and how manufacturers should address their process and technology support strategies to better manage these conditions, both today and in the new normal of constant market and business change. We address how classic just-in-time thinking is being redefined from zero or just-enough inventory to hybrid pull-push models balanced for supply network risk and resiliency. Conversation is further focused on the notions of Connected Manufacturing and Cloud based connectivity for factory management, and on the changing needs for lean processes and factory management capabilities in the post COVID-19 new normal.

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