The Supply Chain Matters blog announces availability of podcast Episode 12A Conversation with Dr. Robin Gaster, author of the recent book:  Behemoth Amazon Rising- Power and selection in the age of Amazon.

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This Editor had the opportunity to read this book and I must state that I learned a lot more about Amazon from many different dimensions including the online retail platform provider’s overall logistics, customer fulfillment and information systems profile capabilities. If you want a more detailed understanding of how Amazon has grown to what it has become, how it makes money, where it is headed over the next decade,all with a special emphasis on supply chain management and customer fulfillment capabilities, then you want to listen in to this episode.

In terms of background, Dr. Gaster is president of Incumetrics Inc., a data and program evaluation consultancy, and is also a visiting scholar at George Washington University. He is nationally recognized expert on innovation and small business as well as an author. Dr. Gaster holds a PhD from UC Berkeley, and has taught at several U.S. universities, including the University of Virginia.


In our conversation, Gaster summarizes the four different waves of logistics services capabilities undertaken by the online platform provider, with Logistics 5.0 being the next iteration, one that will be much more highly automated.

Amazon Behemoth Rising

Further discussed is how Amazon establishes objectives and manages its direct warehouse, white collar, and various contract labor workforces, and why continuous workforce measurement by algorithms continues to be a key tenet.

The latter part of our conversation focuses on futures, and the section of the book that puts forth:  Amazon in 2031, The Power of the Double-S Curve of business opportunity and the online provider’s potential to garner 60 percent of U.S. E-Commerce spending by 2031.

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