Jonny Bentwood authors the site  Technobabble 2.0, with the intent to showcase where industry analyst relations, technology and social media has got it right.  The blog features helpful and insightful commentary directed at industry analyst and public relations professionals. This site also produces a ranking of the top industry analyst blogs which was updated at the end of November.  The overall rating system is quite methodical and is listed in the explanation of the rankings. Ranking combines quantitative factors such as Google PageRank, Yahoo and Google Inbound Links, Google Reader Subscribers and Twitter links  Qualitative factors include amount of influence on technology selection, volume and quality of postings, all of which combined add to an overall ranking total score.

I was very pleased to note that Supply Chain Matters was ranked Number 79 in this recent ranking qualifying as one of the Top 100 of Analyst Blogs.  I am especially thrilled since this site represents one of very few independent analyst blogs represented in the overall ranking.  I was also pleased to note that our ranking surpassed some other higher publicized supply chain industry analyst blogs, including some stemming from AMR Research and Gartner.

I sincerely want to thank Jonny and his team for both their very comprehensive ranking, as well as the opportunity to be ranked in the Top100.  The goal of this site has been, since its inception, not to serve solely as an industry analyst blog, but rather a broad forum of commentary on all matters related to global supply chains.  We are very grateful for this recognition.

We look forward to further supply chain commentary in 2010, and perhaps moving-up to the Top 50.

 Bob Ferrari