On this Labor Day holiday, the Supply Chain Matters blog extends our salute and recognition to the many supply chain workers who plan, procure, coordinate, and directly support the movement of multi-industry components and finished products to respective markets and to businesses and consumers.

September 4 marks the celebration of the Labor Day holiday in both the United States and Canada. In fact, 160 countries around the globe set aside a specific day in their annual calendar to recognize the contributions that workers have made towards a nation’s economic well-being and prosperity.

During these past four years, Labor Day has taken on a special meaning in the toil and efforts of deemed essential supply chain and production workers who risked their own health in ensuring that necessary food, medicines and other essential goods reached their destinations.

Supply Chain Matters Recognition CitationThis has especially been a rather active period where those that support water borne ship movements, dockworkers, airplane pilots, truck drivers and production workers have sought and been granted added compensation and benefits for their toil and sacrifice.

To all workers, including those within and across industry supply chains, we extend our tip-of the hat recognition on this Labor holiday.


Bob Ferrari, Founder and Executive Editor

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