It is often stated that the best form of flattery comes from others. We are therefore pleased to acknowledge that the SCM Operations site has included Supply Chain Matters in its recent listing of The Most Influential Supply Chain Management Blogs in the World.

Ben Benjabutr, the author of this ranking, conducted his analysis based on the number of feed subscribers, excluding pure press releases. The basis of the ranking was therefore predicated on the overall influence on readers, topics and syndication from top media sites.

What we found interesting is that of the total 25 Blogs cited, 13 had corporate affiliation, 1 had magazine affiliation and 11 have personal affiliation. According to the analysis, the top three topics for reader interest are currently lean operations, logistics and supply chain management, and operations research and management. Ben’s analysis indicates that approximately 80 percent of the noted most influential bloggers come from practitioner backgrounds and it takes at least four years or more for blog sites to create effective influence. We can certainly concur with that conclusion.

We have also been informed that this site will also be cited in a forthcoming ranking of 100 Top Sites on Logistics.  We will share additional specifics on that ranking when they are formally published.

We are honored to be included in this latest Top 25 listing and we again thank each of Supply Chain Matters followers for their loyal following.

Bob Ferrari, Founder and Executive Editor