This Editor is once again attending the Oracle Open World conference here in San Francisco and Supply Chain Matters is publishing impressions throughout the week. We began our coverage with highlights of Oracle’s Q1 FY17 financial performance last week, along with our initial Commentary One posting.

In our previous commentary we observed that Oracle has been sharing the customer uptake counts for Oracle HCM Cloud and Oracle CX Cloud. While there was again specific mention of Oracle SCM Cloud (Oracle’s complete suite of Cloud based supply chain management and manufacturing applications) there was no customer data shared from the podium in Larry Ellison’s opening keynote. We stated our goal for the remaining sessions of this year’s OpenWorld is to probe deeper on current market uptake.

Yesterday, Supply Chain Matters specifically attended the 90 minute session: Oracle Supply Chain Management and the Intelligent Supply Chain. This session featured seven people on the podium including two of Oracle’s most senior supply chain development executives. Executive vice-president Rick Jewell specifically addressed what he termed as the “state of the union of Oracle SCM Cloud.” Here are the highlights:

A current total of 1090 SCM Cloud customers was indicated. (Note: This author later confirmed with a senior Oracle executive that there is the possibility of some double-counting of customers among ERP Cloud and SCM Cloud.)

A detailed listing of current SCM Cloud applications customer uptake and entry points indicated:

  • 290 adopting inventory management
  • 200 adopting product innovation management and PLM
  • 160 adopting transportation and global trade management
  • 90 adopting order management
  • 40 adopting manufacturing and planning control

Jewel further shared current highlights of operating statistics concerning the Oracle SCM Cloud platform which included:

  • Managing 28 million product lines
  • $40 billion freight spending under management
  • 600,000 plus named users
  • 3000 plus trained partners

Also during the session, the profile of four early-adopter customers were shared and included:

  • Canadian based medical device manufacturer Profound Medical Corp
  • UK based life sciences company Abcam
  • S. based energy fuel cell provider Ballard Power Systems
  • High tech consumer electronics manufacturer Western Digital which is currently embarking on a three year deployment window of all-in for Oracle SCM Cloud

There was lots of other information shared in this session including future applications releases planned for 2017

We will cover more of this detail in other subsequent other OpenWorld dedicated commentaries.

Suffice to note at this point that Oracle is achieving some initial momentum with its Oracle SCM Cloud suite and the ongoing development cycle is accelerating.

Stay tuned to our continuing coverage of Oracle OpenWorld 2016.

Bob Ferrari

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