We wanted to call Supply Chain Matters reader attention to a published article by Forbes, Turn Today’s Supply Chain Challenges Into a More Agile Strategy.

This article features blog Founder and Executive Editor Bob Ferrari’s perspectives on the ongoing COVID-19 coronavirus disruptions to so many multi-industry supply chains. Agile Supply Chains Bob Ferrari

Bob specifically indicates:

COVID-19 has laid naked a lot of the supply chain processes that we all thought were OK, although we knew they certainly needed augmentation. The timetable for that change has suddenly accelerated.

The article explores goes on to explore new ways of thinking including supply chain approaches.

Bob additionally points out to readers:

For now, supply chain process changes are necessarily focused on the operational and tactical, but if companies make changes today with a long-term focus of moving toward a future goal of integrated business planning, it will be to their advantage.

Check it out.


Note: This article appears on Forbes as part of the Oracle BrandVoice Program.