Supply Chain Matters will be traveling to Orlando to attend and participate in SAP’s annual 2011 ASUG/Sapphire conference which kicks-off on Monday, May 16.

Similar to last year’s event, we will provide commentary related to SAP technology, initiatives and customer activities related to supply chain, manufacturing, supplier relationship management and business intelligence. We will feature a number of in the moment commentaries during the conference. The SAP Global Communications team does an excellent job of inviting and accommodating a stellar group of global-wide bloggers and SAP Influencers and the upcoming 2011 venue should be no exception.  Readers are welcomed to review our summary impressions from the 2010 conference.

This year, we had a head start in commentary related to SAP’s supply chain activities, having the opportunity to attend the SAP Insider Logistics and Supply Chain conference in March. Our summary commentary of that conference can be viewed here.

This year’s Sapphire conference has been billed to feature new announcements in SAP’s mobile computing strategy, and in particular, collaborative development from SAP’s Sybase acquisition.  Also expected are announcements in the area of business intelligence.  We hope to also gather more clarity related to the release of new SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS) programs, including a highly anticipated Sales and Operations Planning offering.

Make a note to visit the Supply Chain Matters web site frequently next week as we provide updated commentaries on conference interviews and activities.