The Supply Chain Matters blog, with the presence of Bob Ferrari, Founder and Executive Editor, is this week providing highlights and insights from the Oracle OpenWorld 2019 conference being held in San Francisco. Oracle OpenWorld 2019


Larry Ellison Technology Keynote

Monday’s featured session was the technical keynote delivered by Oracle Founder and CTO, Larry Ellison. As in prior OpenWorld keynotes, Ellison extended the notions of Oracle’s Autonomous Cloud development strategies with a deep dive into Oracle Gen 2 Cloud which is being premiered heavily at this year’s conference.

As we have pointed out in many prior Oracle related commentaries, this technology provider’s strategy is leveraging all forms of machine learning artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies across all Cloud layers. Ellison hit very hard on the notions of eliminating all forms of human or pilot error across applications and database computing elements in order to assure systems security and lower IT operating costs. He provided context and a viewpoint that Oracle’s current development efforts in autonomous computing are the most significant in the history of the company.

Announced was Oracle Autonomous Linux, billed as the first open autonomous operating system in the world, with a stated 99.995 percent uptime availability. Obviously, there is more to the Autonomous Linux product strategy in that Oracle is countering IBM’s rather expensive acquisition of Red Hat and its Linux operating system. The strategy is about providing the market with a higher performing, faster, and likely cheaper Cloud computing platform than competitive offerings.  The stack includes a strategy of automatic scale-up or scale-down of needed computing resources, which implies that businesses will only need to pay for computing resources when needed as opposed to a constant IT cost.

More emphasis was placed on the recently announced Oracle and Microsoft Cloud Interoperability Alliance with Ellison indicating a great relationship with Microsoft and citing a lot of good technology coming from Redmond. Supply Chain Matters will provide added highlights to the now expanded partnership in a later OpenWorld update.

For supply chain management focused audiences, what the above implies is that your IT development, management and support resources will likely be rather interested in this new market development, one that has the potential to significantly reduce IT maintenance costs, freeing-up such monetary resources for more strategic IT needs.


Tuesday Keynotes Highlights

There were two significant keynotes on Tuesday that merit highlighting for our readership.

Business Strategy

The Business Strategy keynote was anchored by Oracle Co-CEO Safra Katz. In addition to an Accenture presentation of business transformation, various Oracle senior product executives provided updates on specific Cloud technology and applications technology areas.

For the Oracle Gen 2 Cloud infrastructure area, emphasis was placed on the information and security elements integration of all layers of the technology stack. Further emphasis was placed with both the announced Microsoft Cloud and separate VMWare Cloud platform partnerships to help customers move complex compute environments from on-premise to Cloud technology deployment.

Oracle is finding that some customers embrace the full autonomous capabilities of transaction processing and database, somewhat to the analogy of having an automobile with autonomous driving capabilities.  Other customers prefer to run their Cloud applications within their own data centers to address regulatory, data security or other business concerns.  Oracle has positioned technical capabilities to support either model.

A noted a highlight of Oracle Database Cloud development strategy that should be of interest to our readership is that Oracle is positioning the use of Blockchain technology as another form of a table within the database, and thus will inherit the same enhanced data security that Oracle has engineered across the stack, including the automatic detection of fraud.

Now one year into the first introduction of autonomous database and transactional processing, the keynote additionally presented progress being made on the incorporation of dozens of new cutting-edge algorithms now being incorporated across integrated computing stacks, with the next technology release promising to have full automated machine-learning capabilities.

Applications Keynote

The Oracle Applications Strategy keynote, anchored by Executive Vice President’s Steve Miranda and Rob Tarkoff, provided emphasis on customer value, along with a theme that now is the time for existing on-premise customers to begin their Cloud deployment efforts. Steve Miranda stressed that Oracle now provides the most complete and integrated SaaS applications with no data silos or disconnected business flows.

Announced was a new application, Oracle CX Unity, a termed customer intelligence platform that incorporates the broadest elements of customer intelligence.

In the area of machine-learning, both executives declared that Oracle has now mapped the fastest path to customer value through the introduction of digital assistants across many of the Cloud applications suites, including Oracle ERP Cloud and Oracle SCM Cloud. These digital assistants facilitate a two-way interaction or guided action experience with the application, that moves beyond the validation of data and information, to the interpretation and the context of information relative to insights and recommendations as to various action scenarios. As an example, within SCM Cloud, digital assistance will be applied to needs such as predicting product demand, at-risk commitment dates, detection of process anomalies or product quality early warning. The goal of these ongoing development efforts is to make the applications interaction and experience better and more productive for users and teams, with an emphasis now turned to curate and analyze, predict and continuously re-plan, insights and recommendations.

Keep your browsers pointed to Supply Chain Matters as we provide additional updates and observations of this week’s Oracle OpenWorld conference.

Bob Ferrari

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