The Supply Chain Matters blog, with the presence of Bob Ferrari, Founder and Executive Editor, is this week providing highlights and insights from the Oracle OpenWorld 2019 conference held in San Francisco.

In our Part Two previous update commentary, we provided highlights and insights related to Larry Ellison’s Gen 2 Cloud Technology keynote, the CEO Business Update keynote, and the Applications Strategy keynote. Within this Part Three commentary, we provide highlights of Larry Ellison’s second keynote which addressed Oracle’s ongoing Applications Development Technology Strategies. Oracle OpenWorld 2019

Larry Ellison’s Fusion Applications Keynote

For readers unfamiliar with Oracle, this enterprise technology provider operates under two separate but highly integrated business models. One is that as a Cloud technology and infrastructure provider competing with companies such as Amazon Web Services, IBM, Microsoft Azure, Google and some others. The second is a provider of various business process support applications, that leverage the company’s technology infrastructure. For the past several OpenWorld conferences, Ellison delivers two separate keynotes, each with a primary emphasis with each of these business segments.

In the second keynote, Ellison provided audience context that over the past 12-13 years, the company has been engineering, developing and updating applications specifically for Cloud computing deployment. He further declared that with the prior acquisition of NetSuite, Oracle has become the market leader in Cloud ERP applications with over 25,000 combined Oracle and NetSuite ERP customers.

He then proceeded to provide highlights of new developments and applications being generated from each of the application areas.

Before we move on with highlights, we should provide some context for readers.

In our Supply Chain Matters coverage of Oracle OpenWorld 2015, we made note of Ellison’s specific mention of the initial availability of Oracle SCM Cloud suite, with added emphasis that it was a significant achievement. We further declared our view that Oracle had developed one of the broadest cross-functional supply chain management, public cloud-based applications currently available in the marketplace.

We cite such context because in this year’s update, Ellison’s first applications update related to the announcing availability of a number of new Oracle SCM Cloud and manufacturing support related applications. They included support for Process and Mixed Mode Manufacturing, Project-Driven Manufacturing and Supply Chain and Channel Revenue Management. There was added mention of the introduction of Digital Assistants across various elements of the SCM Cloud suite.

In a subsequent update highlighting the SCM Cloud keynote, we will provide added highlights of these and other new applications.

This Editor, however, needs to point out another milestone related to the many Ellison keynotes we have observed in over ten years of attending OpenWorld conferences.  That milestone was Larry dedicating, by our estimate, nearly 5-6 minutes of presentation time articulating to the audience the various different modes of manufacturing and their consequent supply chain management support implications. This was not just reading off of a prompter, but rather his genuine knowledge and perspectives of the topics. Who knew!

So much so, that is was likely able to articulate even further on the features and functions. Thus, Supply Chain Matters extends an enthusiastic “Tip of the Hat” for an iconic technology executive having such an appreciation of supply chain and manufacturing process and technology needs. To which we further state- Step aside Tim Cook, you have added competition.

The remainder of the keynote addressed updates in the areas of Cloud ERP, CX Cloud, broadened Oracle Analytics support strategies including Machine Learning powered analytics.  We will highlight some of these areas in a subsequent Summary Impressions blog update.

Our next update will provide highlights of the Oracle SCM Cloud keynote also held on Wednesday.


Bob Ferrari

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