When this industry analyst attends technology and industry conferences, I attempt as time permits, to seek out what I believe our technology vendors that are providing unique or different technology approaches to business process needs. When attending ISM 2016, the annual conference of the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) held in May, this industry analyst had the opportunity to speak with B2B relationship and supplier performance management technology support provider ClientLoyalty, Inc., specifically Chairman and CEO Kent Barnett.

Essentially, ClientLoyalty technology collects operational metrics, direct feedback and social sentiment information regarding suppliers. After successfully spending over a decade transforming the field of human capital analytics with cloud-based technology, the founders of ClientLoyalty’s turned to developing cloud-based software to improve buyer/supplier relationship management using analytics, benchmarking and credible methodologies.

However, the uniqueness is in the concentration on business or professional services providers. For example it could be marketing services or public relations, consultants, or logistics and transportation services.

Within the software, information is synthesized and benchmarked in the form of alerts, dashboards, and reporting tools to ease the complexities of relationship management using what is described as a practical and pragmatic approach. Users have the option to share non-sensitive data with partners as a part of a transparent service level agreement process while keeping confidential the critical data needed to track and monitor internal supplier relationship management and monitoring needs.

During my visit to the ClientLoyalty booth, I was provided a demonstration of the software.

What impressed me was the breadth and clarity of the information, the flexibility of the software, and the intuitive usability features that should allow any user to be able to quickly come up-to-speed with features. Information on key performance indicators can be collected and inputted plus suppliers themselves are allowed the ability to input information relative to their customer’s actions in the relationship, in-essence, fostering a two-way information lens. That, by my lens, is area that should have more practice by procurement professionals, an understanding that perceptions run in either direction and it’s important to key-in on the ones that could lead to added tensions.

One cool capability was the ability of either party to share videos or photo images, perhaps a photo of the service created or a video of a problem area that needs attention. While such capability can also be done in texting or email, having the ability to tag, archive and log these events can be of-value. There is also the ability to scan social media channels for evidence of positive or negative sentiment. I kidded with my host as to wht6her that included specific Supply Chain Matters commentaries.

Finally, ClientLoyalty is one software company that is willing to share pricing on its web site. The Enterprise version of its software is currently available for $99 per user, per month.

We found ClientLoyalty technology to be one that we wanted to make visible to our readers who may be seeking a different option for managing supplier relationships and performance for business services providers.

Bob Ferrari

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