We want to alert our readers that Supply Chain Matters will be publishing on a limited basis for the next two weeks.  It is time for re-charging of intellectual batteries with some rest and relaxation and warmer weather.

We will resume a normal posting schedule the week of January 13, barring any major supply chain developments in the interim.

Readers are welcomed to explore our vast array of previously published content, including our predictions for the upcoming year as well as what actually occurred in 2013.  We also provide the deepest coverage and content associated with industry-specific supply chain and B2B industry challenges and insights.

We have some exciting new areas to unveil later in 2014 including podcasts and complimentary short videos and webcasts to aide in the Supply Chain Matters experience and insights we provide for our readers. We will remain your one-stop site for the most objective and experienced insights on supply chain and B2B business process and information technology topics.

Stay tuned.

Bob Ferrari, Executive Editor