Since our inception in 2008, Supply Chain Matters and our parent, The Ferrari Consulting and Research Group has researched and produced annual predictions for global supply chains for the upcoming year. Our predictions are generated from synthesizing developments that have occurred in current and prior years, researching various economic, industry and other forecasting data, along with input from clients and supply chain teams.

The complete listing along with specific commentary related to our 2014 Predictions for Global Supply Chains will initiate on Supply Chain Matters starting on Friday, December 6, and continuing through the month of December.  Do keep Supply Chain Matters on your browser Favorites as we review each of projections for the upcoming year.

Readers will recall that in previous years, we have initially scorecarded our current year projections before outlining our projections for the upcoming year.  We are changing the order this year because reader and other feedback indicated some confusion with upcoming vs. current year predictions. Therefore, we plan to scorecard our 2013 projections as to actual events after we complete the unveiling of our 2014 projections.

Also as in previous years, our 2014 predictions will be provided in a far more detailed research report available for complimentary downloading or email distribution in early to mid-January. If you are interested in receiving a copy, please send an email to: info <at> supply-chain-matters <dot> com.  Please include in the request the following:


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