We are pleased to announced that the web site Logistics Degree.net, an all-encompassing resource for students and professionals pursuing a career in the field of logistics, has cited Supply Chain Matters on its listing of 100 Elite Resources for Logistics. Listing of 100 Elite Resources for Logistics

Our site is listed under the broader category of Supply Chain Management, and appears fourth in that listing.

Readers of Logistics Degree.net utilize the site’s resources as an aide in their higher education.  We were informed that this site is a great resource for anyone in the logistics field, especially someone who needs to absorb a lot of information quickly.

As noted in an earlier commentary, we were also pleased to be cited this month as one of the Top 25 Most Influential Supply Chain Management Blogs.

On behalf of our staff and guest blog contributors, I would like to express our thanks to Rebecca Haley and her team at Logistics Degree for this citation.

Bob Ferrari, Founder and Executive Editor