Supply Chain Matters readers can recall that since our inception, we offered three different levels of blog sponsorship, Gold, Silver and Bronze.  Each was designed to provide different levels of benefits and services for our sponsors.  Late last year, after a complete review, we made a decision to simplify our blog sponsorship offerings into two levels of sponsorships, a Lead level and a Sustaining level, each with different levels of benefits.

Beginning today, the presence of our existing and new blog sponsors will be displayed in our new 2012 sponsorship framework of Lead and Sustaining sponsors. Behind the scenes, these ads are being managed with our brand new Ads plug-in.

Our plan was to implement these changes in early January.  Many readers might relate to the saga of an IT system snafu, an application that once worked fine and then suddenly decides it does not want to work.  Alas, Supply Chain Matters was not immune to such occurrences.

Just as we announced our revised levels of sponsorship programs our former WordPress plug-in application that displays and manages our existing blog sponsorship display ads decided to not allow us to access the program or to change any settings.  Some past upgrades of WordPress apparently completely disabled the application and caused other problems. Rather than bore our readers with all the technical reasons as to why this occurred, suffice to communicate that during these past few weeks we have been somewhat occupied in locating and engaging a specialist development firm to help us in both temporarily restoring our former Ad displays while locating, customizing and installing an entirely new Ad management application for our blog in 2012.

While all of this was happening, our two existing sponsors, Kinaxis and Infosys Limited were very gracious in understanding, and we again thank them.

Following this posting, readers will be able to view individual announcements related to our 2012 Supply Chain Matters sponsors, including a new sponsor.

We would also take this opportunity to remind providers of supply chain related technology and services that opportunities for being a named sponsor of the Supply Chain Matters blog in 2012 still remain at both the Lead and Sustaining levels.  Blogs have come to be very influential sources of opinion and thought leadership, with this site being cited as among the top ten blogs commenting on global supply chain business process and information technology developments.

As a sponsor of Supply Chain Matters, your company will be recognized for its products and services and also as a supporter of quality thought leadership. Our sponsorships include services in spring boarding your brand recognition, enlisting social media based product marketing strategies and raising educational awareness to new technologies.

Further information can be obtained by utilizing our Sponsorship Information Request  drop-down menu located on the top menu bar, or by sending an inquiry email to info <at> supply-chain-matters <dot> com.

Bob Ferrari, Founder and Executive Editor