The SupplyChainOpzweb site, previously known as SCM-Operations, has published its ranking of the Top 25 supply chain management focused social media influencers. 

 According to site author Ben Benjabutr: “Social media has been adopted by supply chain management professionals as a mechanism to express opinions and disseminate knowledge. Since there is too much information floating around, many people rely on “influencers” who exhibit expertise, enthusiasm, or creditability.”

The ranking Supply Chain Power Influencers is described as predicated on four separate metrics:


  • The number of retweets on Twitter vs. the number of followers
  • Klout Score that represents influence including size of network, type of networks, length of time and activity.
  • Kred analysis of tweets from the last 1000 days which were retweeted, relied, mentioned and followed.
  • Peerindex measures related to how content is shared on other social media focused sites such as Facebook and Google Plus


This ranking also utilized “Buzzsumo” as an alternative data source where 2000 Twitter profiles were analyzed to narrow to the cited listing of 25.

 I was therefore quite quite pleased and honored to note that my Twitter name is listed as number nine, among other prestigious names of academic institutions, professional organizations, publications and noted technology providers. Again, the ranking can be accessed and reviewed at this web link.

We sincerely thank Ben and SupplyChainOpz for this objectives analysis and recognition.

 Since founding Supply Chain Matters in 2008, my goal was and remains to have this site serve as a source of unbiased opinion, knowledge and insights related to ongoing developments and learning concerning supply chain management business processes and information technology.  Our influence is predicated on a belief that supply chain capabilities do indeed matter in successful business outcomes.

Judging from continued awards and recognition, our message is resonating.

Bob Ferrari, Founder and Executive Editor