As some of our Supply Chain Matters readers may already be aware if you have been browsing our latest blogs, our website has undergone a somewhat overdue makeover with a more interactive look and feel. Since the founding of this blog in 2008, our site has undergone a number of changes but the quality of our content, perspectives and supply chain management thought leadership remains the same.

Included in this latest upgrade are each of our blogs presented in a two-by-two lineup on the home screen, providing our readers with the ability to view more of our most recent blogs on a single screen. Our overall banner and blog header has been upgraded and now reflects the same images as our Research and Consulting web site.

Supply Chain Matters blog

Regarding our Ferrari Consulting and Research web presence, it has similarly undergone an upgrade with more visual look and feel, along with some content and menu changes including easier means to contact us for added information.

Our latest Supply Chain Matters web site update further includes a now updated streaming rollbar of published blogs featured on our top panel below Supply Chain Matters menu selections, that lists either our latest or most read blogs, which readers can also select from.

We trust readers will enjoy this latest series of web site and content presentation changes. Feel free to send us your feedback or requests for any additional changes. You can email us at: supplychaininfo <at> theferrarigroup <dot> com .


On another note, supply chain management technology, platform or services providers seeking to broaden their brand or product visibility should consider being a sponsor of Supply Chain Matters. Please take advantage of the inquiry form provided on our revised Contact Us page and we will get back to you with specific information.


Bob Ferrari

Founder and Executive Editor

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