The new year is quickly approaching and all indicators point to 2010 as being a post-recovery year across global supply chains.  With operating budgets already severely curtailed, and consolidation and cutbacks continuing across industries and among the industry analyst world, supply chain professionals will continue to seek out advisory sites such as Supply Chain Matters to help sort out the implications of strategic, business process and technology selection decisions.
2009 has been a great year for this site.  We are pleased to report that in November 2009, monthly visitor traffic reached an all time high, representing nearly a fourfold increase since the beginning of the year. Unique visitors (first time) reached the 7900 mark in November with a vast majority of readers adding this site to their Add to Favorites search. Thus far in 2009, there have been over twenty-three thousands links established from Supply Chain Matters on critical and timely topics related to supply chain developments, business processes and technology use. Our readers continue to seek knowledge, commentary and insights related to global supply chains.

Supply Chain Matters provides an opportunity to have your corporate or service name appear alongside quality commentary on leading-edge strategic and tactical supply chain topics.  Tiered sponsorship programs are capped to a designated number and include your firm’s involvement in sponsoring timely supply chain advisory content.  There are several cost-affordable and competitive levels of sponsorship, from the premiere single Gold sponsor to month-to-month associate sponsorships.  Gold and Silver sponsorships include my personal consulting services in reinforcing market themes, assisting in inbound marketing lead generation and supporting content for your marketing and industry influence programs.

The 2010 Supply Chain Matters Media Guide outlines in much more detail the various levels of sponsorship opportunities available in 2010. You can obtain a copy by either sending an email including your name, firm, and contact information to bferrari at blog1 dot com, or clicking on this Sponsorship Information Request Form  link.

Bob Ferrari