The Supply Chain Matters blog, in the presence of Executive Editor Bob Ferrari, provides summary highlights from the OpenText Enterprise World technology conference held earlier this month.  OpenText Enterprise World Conference

This Editor traveled to Toronto earlier this month to attend the annual OpenText Enterprise World conference. We have attended this conference on multiple occasions, and each year we walk away with a more positive impression as to OpenText’s technology market presence. Our particular attention is focused upon the OpenText Business Network, a Cloud-based B2B Network technology platform that is increasingly providing end-to-end supply and customer demand visibility and enhanced decision-making for multi-industry customers.

In prior Supply Chain Matters dispatches published directly from the conference, we highlighted two rather technology market significant announcements made in conjunction with the conference. One was an announced strategic partnership among OpenText and Google Cloud, one which we believed, if totally consummated, will have significant implications on Enterprise Information Management (EIM), Cloud-based integration and B2B supply chain network related technology. The announcement was jointly delivered by OpenText CEO Mark Barrenechea and Corporate Vice President, Global Ecosystem at Google Cloud, Kevin Ichhpurani, during the conference opening keynote.

The other was an announcement from OpenText and Mastercard outlining a joint partnership for digital finance services. This partnership aims to increase the speed, compliance and security for business information, payments and financing in the automotive supply chain, and designed to facilitate integrated payments. It further seeks to enhance the management of vendor master data, enabling suppliers to better manage risk for trade finance, accelerate cash flow for outstanding invoices and secure financial transactions with enhanced digital identity.

In his CEO keynote, Barrenechea announced what he described as: …the most comprehensive release in our history, including Content Services, Business Network, Magellan, EnCase, Security and our CORE SAAS applications.” This new Cloud Edition (CE) release is scheduled for introduction in April 2020. Termed as Release CE, it is being designed to offer cost effective deployment options and security of Private Cloud with simple, quarterly updates that can be applied in the customer’s data center, in the OpenText Cloud or in the Public Cloud. The full EIM portfolio will reportedly be fully deployable, on or off cloud, with powerful managed and professional services to ensure success.

As we have previously noted to our readers, some SAP customers may not be fully aware that behind the scenes, OpenText EIM technology supports electronic document information and integration needs. AT this year’s conference, SAP Senior Vice President for Partner Solutions, Tom Roberts, reemphasized an announcement made at this year’s SAP Sapphire customer conference that OpenText will additionally support content services for all SAP Intelligent Suite on SAP Cloud application needs. That includes EIM micro services integration that spans SAP S4 HANA, SAP Success Factors, SAP Ariba and SAP C4 HANA.


OpenText Business Network Support Capabilities

Regarding OpenText Business Network, product management presenters identified four areas of innovation through 2020. They include added B2B Network reach to include support for the new Pan European Public Procurement Online (PEPPOL) protocol. In the area of Self-Service, OpenText is continuing with efforts to add more self-service capabilities related to Trading Grid Online and Global Partner Directory. Augmented Visibility presents itself in the continued integration of recently acquired Liaison Technology across the platform. This technology provider continues in ongoing efforts described as Trading Grid Analytics, which provides abilities to leverage cognitive AI capabilities to analyze B2B transactions and trendlines among trading partners and lend support in SLA based buy and sell relationships and agreements.

For the Platform itself, added emphasis will be in areas of IoT and Blockchain enabled process support and ongoing deployment of hybrid integration support capabilities.

A new area of capability announced was that of Ethical Supply Chain. An on-stage demo at the CEO keynote demonstrated access to OpenText Supplier Registry Collaboration that is available for search related to ethical or sustainable practices. Businesses would then be able to invite such trading partners to become part of their existing B2B supplier network.


Summarized Perceptions

In our ongoing research, we refer to an end-point goal of highly connected, intelligent and digitally enabled end-to-end B2B Networks. It implies moving beyond “chain” to that of dynamic ecosystems linking product and component supply to dynamic and ever-changing customer demand needs. In time, such networks will connect and integrate both physical, operational and digital processes along with collective decision-making.

With each Enterprise World we walk away with a sense that OpenText understands the end point journey and is marching forward towards being able to deliver such capabilities from both EIM and supply chain management B2B network platform perspectives.

Keep a keen eye on this technology provider which from our view, will become far more visible in the spectrum of enterprise technology providers.


Bob Ferrari

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