We are working on framing some exciting new research content features for Supply Chain Matters blog in 2011 and wanted to determine the interest level among our readers.

Supply Chain Matters Industry and Business Briefing Series

The goal of this program is to provide readers more depth and insights on topics directly related to supply chain processes in 2011 and beyond. Examples of Series themes can be supply chain challenges facing certain industry sectors such as healthcare, consumer products or high tech industries, or certain business sectors such as mid-market, retail, wholesale or distribution businesses. We also plan to explore unique challenges and needs for specific supply chain functions, such as planning, procurement, operations, distribution or service management.

The content will be presented in two prospective formats. One part of the series will appear as ongoing blog commentary with an introduction and overview of the business specific challenge and a series of different periodic guest bloggers sharing particular views on that topic.  Guest views can come from knowledge experts representing actual practioners, technology vendors or service providers. As an example, one potential topic can be identifying and mitigating supply chain risks.

A second prospective format will be actual downloadable research reports addressing a timely topic. Throughout the year, there will be a series of four downloadable content briefs that introduces the challenge and adds timely updated content over the course of the year. Published briefs will be designed to be 2-3 pages in length for quick and succinct reading. Each release will delve deeper into the specific topic with objective perspectives and subsequent actionable advice. Technology vendors or service providers will be offered opportunities to sponsor a topic and research series.

While details are still being firmed-up, I do want to ascertain the interest level from our readers in either contributing to the series or actually sponsoring a research brief.

Please send us an email indicating either your interests in specific topics, your willingness to serve as a guest blogger on a challenge, or the interests of your company in sponsoring a research series. Send your emails to: info <at> supply-chain-matters <dot> com.

Thank you.