In our Part One posting, Supply Chain Matters shared commentary from our recent interview with Gopi Krishnan, Delivery Manager and Lead, SCM Practice at Infosys Technologies on the topic of the changing enterprise asset management technology landscape.  At the end of our interview, Gopi had the time to share some of his observations on what he believes are current top-of-mind needs among global supply chain executives.

Question: You have such a busy schedule with travel and consultation with supply chain related global prospects and clients.  Since I have you on the line, would you share your observations on what is currently top-of-mind today for supply chain and IT executives?

Last year,Gopi explains, Infosys noted that convergence was a common theme among clients.  Gopi stated: “Companies having technology capabilities in supply chain planning, procurement, warehouse or transportation management were focused on integration of information and decision-making across these portfolios of applications.”

He further indicated that he now discerned a more interesting phenomenon, a conversational shift toward addressing help in achieving specific business outcomes.  Outcomes can include maximizing top-line revenues, increasing profits and reducing costs, or increasing industry competitiveness.  For instance, Gopi notes an indirect procurement technology deployment has the business outcome for reducing cost and increasing profits.  An E-commerce implementation has the context of increasing revenues or an enhanced supply chain visibility program is goaled for increasing industry competiveness.   Gopi finds that the conversations often lead to options for deployment of the most appropriate technology that provides an easier or faster way to conduct business, better insights and intelligence, or broader visibility to value-chain information.

This is a far different level of conversation, one that has a keen focus on business impact and value. During upcoming conversations at both IBM Pulse 2011, and later, IBM Impact 2011, Infosys and Supply Chain Matters plan to provide further clarity to these changing needs.

Gopi’s observation and takeaway for readers;  “ In summary, each SCM investment’s role as a revenue maximize, profit maximize and differentiator is being questioned like never before.”


This concludes our interview commentary with Gopi Krishnan of Infosys Technologies.  Readers should note that Supply Chain Matters and this author, will be in attendance at the upcoming IBM Impact 2001 conference being held in April.  In addition to providing live commentary on conference activities and IBM’s efforts in supply chain related technologies, we also plan to continue our conversations related what is top-of-mind considerations for supply chain executives needing to position their organizations for the post-recessionary economy.

Stay tuned.

Bob Ferrari

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