I had the opportunity to provide a July guest commentary on the Infosys Supply Chain Management blog.  In my commentary, Should Firms be Focused on IT or Business Process Portfolio, or Both?, I share the observation that current Gartner and blogosphere commentary focused on a rethinking of a firm’s enterprise applications strategy can be misguided.  My argument is that the end goal should always be the business process architecture.  In the case of today’s more externally focused supply chain fulfillment processes, firms will quickly determine that business processes designed with a prior internal focus and expectation of business process metrics will have different context and supporting enterprise applications requirements when this externally focused reality is incorporated.  There are many companies that have achieved supply chain process integration and have done so because they elevated business process above organizational or systems needs.

Firms should be articulating supply chain process requirements first in business architecture context, followed by supporting enterprise architecture, and not the other way around. This approach, I might add, has many organizational implications. I suspect that this will spur a different context of commentary.

Bob Ferrari

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