The Supply Chain Matters blog has expressed an ongoing commitment to pass along important supply chain management related technology information to emergency responders, supply chain management functional and technology teams during the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak crisis.  Covid-19 Coronavirus

Part of that effort has been sharing information that we have received from certain technology providers offering forms of complimentary technology services to first responders, healthcare providers or companies supporting critical supply chain needs.

In our Part One update, we shared offers from Dynamic Route Optimization software provider Route4Me and supply chain incident management technology provider Elementum.

In our Part Two update, we shared offers from machines learning based predictive logistics provider FarEye, and digital communications technology provider PagerDuty.

In the Part Three update, we shared offers by Resilinc concerning the creation of a healthcare providers Digital Exchange allowing bartering for critical supply needs, available for complimentary use, along with complimentary access to a Product Sourcing and Procurement Information Store provided by supplier selection information provider Thomas. Our update further included an offer from location intelligence technology provider Esri has announced that it will be making its software available to public and private sector organizations fighting the COVID-19 disease pandemic.

In this Part Four update, we include other offers, including those from major ERP , enterprise software and a healthcare exchange provider.


ERP and Enterprise Software Applications


SAP SE has announced various complimentary technology offerings to help organizations address ongoing COVID-19 business and supply chain management business process challenges.

The provider is making available through its SAP Certified Partner Network, assistance in enabling the Planning as a service component of the SAP Integrated Business Planning for Supply Chain Cloud based application. Upwards of 90 certified partners will be allowed to enable this Cloud based application for the next 90 days on a complimentary basis.

Earlier this month, the Enterprise Cloud provider announced the ability to have 90 days of open access to SAP Ariba Discovery, allowing procurement buyers the ability to post supply needs leveraging this platform’s datastore of more than 4 million suppliers in over 190 countries. The offer is reportedly open to all businesses and includes no transaction charges beginning March 20, 2020 and extending to the following 90 days.

As healthcare organizations become overwhelmed by the volume of patients, a COVID-19 Pre-Screen & Routing application, supported by SAP Qualtrics, is available to all federal, state and local governments as well as public health organizations. The Cloud based application reportedly provides up-to-date information about coronavirus.

Ruum by SAP, a described lightweight project management and collaboration tool, has created two custom checklist templates, adapted from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), to help businesses plan and respond to the virus. Access to these templates is complimentary.

Once again, this blog will continue to pass along these outreach efforts from technology providers as we receive them.

Information regarding any of these offered applications is available on this custom SAP Resource web page.



According to a press release this week, Oracle announced that the enterprise technology and Cloud infrastructure technology provider is actively engaged in the ongoing fight against COVID-19, in helping to answer the question of what drugs are effective in treating and preventing this disease. Having been a leading supplier of clinical trial systems, this provider has built and donated to the U.S. government a COVID-19 Therapeutic Learning System that will allow physicians and patients to record the effectiveness of certain drug therapies.

According to this release, drugs, like Hydroxychloroquine, Remdesivir, and Kaletra, have been safely used to treat other diseases but are not yet definitively proven to be effective against COVID-19. Physicians are now routinely prescribing these drugs to treat COVID-19 patients. The Oracle Therapeutic Learning System lets the physician record the patient’s daily progress. By collecting this real-world patient data throughout the United States now, and throughout the world soon thereafter. Physicians and patients can gain complimentary access by visiting this dedicated Therapeutic Learning System web portal.

In conjunction with Oracle University, this provider announced complimentary access for up to 50 hours of online learning content and certifications for a broad array of users associated with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle Autonomous Database.  Content reportedly includes high-quality videos, access to subject matter experts and hands-on labs. This offer initiated on March 30 and will be available until May 15, 2020.


Global Healthcare Exchange (GHX)

GHX has announced the launch of the COVID-19 Information Center designed to help healthcare organizations access the information needed to help serve patients and protect staff during the evolving pandemic.

The COVID-19 Information Center includes a Critical Supply Reference List, developed in reference to McKinsey & Company’s report, COVID-19 Crisis: US Healthcare Provider and Payer Preparedness. The list includes categories of PPE. Medical equipment, disinfection and drugs/medical consumables which will help providers identify supplies and potential alternatives, as well as give suppliers greater visibility into the fluctuating demand for products.

GHX is also offering complimentary access through April 30, 2020 to Lumere’s evidence-based research on drugs and devices, including a quick reference list of COVID-19 related supplies with potential shortages.

As healthcare providers move quickly to set up emergency overflow facilities to continue to treat patients in a safe environment, GHX has formulated a process to expedite onboarding for new care sites to the company’s network to help ensure products from suppliers reach the new location quickly. GHX is further processing new facility creation requests after hours and over weekends to minimize delays.

Providers can subscribe to this information center and receive the latest updates by accessing this web portal.


This concludes our latest sharing of offers of complimentary technology.

Continue to stay safe and distance yourself.


Note to readers: The Supply Chain Matters blog receives no compensation for sharing the above announcements- we do so as our commitment to help in COVID-19 response.