In our commitment to pass along important information to supply chain management functional and technology teams during the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, Supply Chain Matters is sharing information that we have received from certain technology providers.


Dynamic Route Optimization

Dynamic Route Optimization software provider Route4Me has indicated that the provider will offer its platform services free of charge to all government agencies at the federal, city and municipality level around the world in the interest of public health and safety.

The platform itself is powered by Google Maps and can be leveraged in the forward deployment of emergency vehicles to areas of high disease concentration, help in the distribution of needed food from food banks or distribution of school and elderly meal drop-offs, , enhance increased sanitation pick-up routes or aide in the pickup and drop off for non-emergency medical transport services, among other uses.

According to the provider’s web site, public officials simply need to sign up for a free trial which will allow any number of team members to be added. The offer will remain available as an unlimited subscription until the peak of the Coronavirus public threat has passed.


Virtual War Room Incident Control

Supply chain incident management technology provider Elementum indicated that it is inviting supply chain management organizations affected by the ongoing COVID-19 disruption to utilize Elementum Essentials at no cost to support a Cloud-based virtual war room and resolve issues as they occur.

Elementum’s COVID-19 offer reportedly expires on April 3, 2020 but organizations that participate may use Elementum Essentials on a complimentary basis through the end of the year. The technology provider is further including complimentary setup and configuration services to any organization that needs extra help.

Readers can sign up at: .


As Supply Chain Matters is made aware of other such announcements, we will pass them along to readers.


Stay safe and prudent.