Reports indicate that torrential monsoon rains have submerged much of Manila, the capital city of the Philippines, including much of its surrounding metropolitan areas. Steady rains for the past 10 days are expected to continue until mid-week and are being fueled by tropical storm “Haiku”, located in the Philippine Sea. The rains dropped about 10 inches of rain in the area these past two days alone. According to published reports, half of Manila is submerged with most major roads inundated by knee-to-waist deep floodwaters. A state of emergency is in-effect as authorities deal with rescue activities and avoidance of more loss of life.

This news is concerning for supply chain audiences since within the metro Manila area are many major semiconductor test and assembly facilities including those of Amkor, Maxim and On Semiconductor, to name a few.  The area also hosts a number of major corporate services outsourcing firms and a report from Reuters India indicates that these firms were ordered shut as a result of the national emergency.

This severe flooding situation is obviously challenging and continuing to unfold. Teams should pay close attention and should stay in close communication with supplier and specific service firms located in the Manila region.

Bob Ferrari