This week, SAP Ariba announced the launch of Manufacturing Network, a Cloud-based B2B network platform that can connect companies with manufacturing services providers. The described functionality is to assist in collaboration on the process of product design through procurement execution. The announcement was made at the technology provider’s SAP Ariba Live conference held in Amsterdam.

The new application is delivered as part of the SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud Suite, thus following SAP’s ongoing strategies that require multiple technology components to be adopted to gain the full process benefits.

The release is another effort to broaden SAP Ariba’s support of direct materials procurement process needs, in this case, support for the outsourcing of manufacturing requirements to a contract manufacturer.

The software deployment strategy opens the question as to how much of digital manufacturing cloud needs to be adopted for a company that consciously elects to outsource the bulk of its manufacturing needs.

Supply Chain Matters has reached out to the Ariba team to seek a broader understanding of this announced B2B technology application, the various supporting applications along with the industry verticals being initially targeted.  We will plan to provide our readers more details and understanding in a separate Supply Chain Matters blog commentary when our briefing is completed.


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