As global citizens, each of us in our own ways have praised and openly celebrated the sacrifices, dedication and grit of the countless global healthcare front line and support workers who are constantly placing themselves at-risks to deliver life-saving services.

We applaud each and every one of you.

At the same time, there are countless workers aligned to various supply chain roles, each helping in their own way to move needed products and life sustaining food to consumer markets and healthcare facilities.

From airline pilots, container ship workers, countless truck drivers, manufacturing, warehouse and logistics workers, each is doing his or her part in the battle to defeat the effects of the COVID-19 coronavirus. Healthcare supply chains


A Tip of the Hat to Braskem America Marcus Hook Pennsylvania Production Employees

The Supply Chain Matters calls reader attention to a particular group of workers at the Braskem America petrochemical plant in Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania. This plant manufactures polypropylene, the essential raw material fabric for surgical masks and gowns.

A published report by The Washington Post which has been picked up by The Seattle Times and other news outlets tells the story of 43 workers who each volunteered to work rotating 12 hour continuous work shifts for 28 consecutive days, and who literally lived within the factory in what was described as a makeshift college dormitory, in order to insure that tens of millions of pounds of the needed material would be available to various mask and gown manufacturers.

The report notes that no worker was forced to perform this effort, they each volunteered, in order to insure that not only would material be available, but virus spread would not be risked outside of this plant. It was estimated that Braskem plants in Pennsylvania and West Virginia likely produced 40 million pounds of polypropylene, enough to produce 500 million N95 masks, or the equivalent of 1.5 billion surgical masks.

Nurses, doctors and other front-line healthcare workers have already reached out on social media to thank each of these workers, and this blog extends its gratitude as well.  Tip of the Hat Award

If you can, take time to read this uplifting report. Also, a Braskem press release further describes this ongoing effort.


Supply Chains and the people within them, indeed Matter.


Supply Chain Matters is pleased to feature other such stories of sacrifice and dedication.

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