I had the pleasure of providing a guest posting on the Infosys Supply Chain Management blog.  This posting shares some of my thoughts regarding the debate that revolves around whether companies should internally develop or buy software application addressing the support of advanced supply chain processes.

There is one common option to the constant debate of build vs. buy of IT applications supporting supply chain, and that is having proper context and strategic framework.  Strategic framework equates to the existence of a common understanding of business metrics and outcomes desired by the firm, along with a well defined and understood information architecture that addresses robust information integration across cross-functional supply chain systems, both internal to the firm, and external among suppliers and trading partners. My advice to companies that need to resolve the build vs. buy debate is to first take the time to outline common vision, business outcomes and overall information architecture that can support either continuous improvement or transformation needs.  Proper context and existence of a strategic framework of objectives makes the build or buy option far easier to address.

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 Bob Ferrari

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