Research Advisory Services

The Ferrari Consulting and Research Group conducts research and publishes various advisories related to various segments of the supply chain management focused technology landscape, including advanced planning, synchronized execution, customer fulfillment and B2B supply chain Cloud platforms.
Selections of some select reports including our annual predictions for industry and global supply chains, are available for complimentary downloading by accessing our Research Center menu, or by a web browser search of: The Ferrari Consulting and Research Group.

Bob Ferrari- Managing Director

Bob Ferrari is a universally recognized supply chain management industry analyst in areas of business process, planning, execution, decision-making and advanced technology selection. With over 20 years of both consulting and research analyst experience, including two top tier industry analyst firms, technology providers, and as an independent and unbiased analyst since 2008, Bob provides a highly experienced perspective on supply chain management focused technology and market direction. His clients include both business consumers of technology along with advanced technology and services providers.

Bob has authored a number of published research reports on a variety of thought leadership topics related to multi-industry supply chain needs, market direction and supply chain management future direction. Bob’s insights have been quoted in a number of business and media publications, has been a conference speaker and a featured panelist among many conferences and venues.

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