A Bloomberg published report indicates that Foxconn Technology Group, prime contract manufacturer for Apple and other consumer electronics providers is in current talks with at least six U.S. state authorities, including Arizona and Colorado to build advanced manufacturing facilities for electronics components.

Various OEM’s such as Apple are seeking to have more of the supply chain located closer to the U.S. and North America market and Foxconn is accommodating these request.  The report clarifies that any U.S. investment would not be centered on labor-intensive manufacturing such as assembling smartphones and tablets, but rather more advanced automated manufacturing. Foxconn will also invest in a $10 million venture with Carnegie Mellon University to research advanced robotics and manufacturing.

These reported investments are in addition to a previous announcement regarding an expansion of Foxconn Interconnect Technology facility in Pennsylvania will is estimated to create an additional 500 jobs.

Obviously, this is more encouraging news regarding the potential re-building of a more advanced high tech electronics supply chain ecosystem based in the U.S. and opens the door for future product mass customization for the North American market. The speculated locations add credence to building a localized high tech manufacturing infrastructure.

The announced adds yet another reinforcement to the current momentum and resurgence of U.S. and North America based manufacturing as noted in Prediction Three of our Supply Chain Matters 2014 Predictions for Global Supply Chains.

The full copy of the report is now available for complimentary downloading within our Research Center.