In March Supply Chain Matters highlighted for readers certain reports indicating that enterprise technology provider IBM was conducting workforce restructuring that included a large amount of layoffs. That series of job cuts was believed to impact about 5000 employees.

Today under its Business Watch column, The Wall Street Journal reported that IBM has once again quietly laid-off employees in a continuing wave of job cuts.

As with standard practice, IBM declined to indicate the number of job cuts involved. However the WSJ cites an earlier March estimate by a Sanford Bernstein equity analyst indicating that the total layoffs could impact more than 14,000 job cuts in Q1.

The move comes after four straight years of declining revenues for IBM.

The report further indicates that these actions are considered part of a global workforce rebalancing that places more emphasis on Cloud and analytical computing products and services.

It still remains unclear as to how, if any of these job cuts will impact IBM’s current or future supply chain, B2B and procurement product efforts. We will at some point, seek additional clarity.

Once again we know these words are not going to be of comfort to the thousands of IBM employees currently impacted and for that, we openly and sincerely, apologize.