I trust that you continue to receive value and insight from our various Supply Chain Matters commentaries.  When I review the statistics related to readership of this blog commentary, I’m impressed by how much our readership has grown from a global perspective, particularly from India China., and other regions. 

I recently asked for your participation in a short survey reflecting a potential new newsletter or advisory service that would expand the content provided by Supply Chain Matters  We have not yet seen a level of survey participation that can provide meaningful statistical pattern, so I’d like to again ask for your help and input.

The ongoing global recession has escalated the need for more insight and peer-level discussion on the critical needs in supply chain business planning and technology deployment.  I believe that some type of advisory commentary can be delivered in an affordable service for your company or organization, and seek your opinion regarding such a service. There is absolutely no future obligation involved in sharing your opinion. This survey is my means to ascertain general interest level.

You can access the short survey here.

 Thanks for your participation and continued readership.

 Bob Ferrari