We wanted to again remind members of Accenture Academy that Founder and Executive Editor Bob Ferrari will be delivering a trendTalk web seminar fittingly titled: Managing Supply Chain in a Volatile Geopolitical Era. This exclusive trendTalk is scheduled tomorrow, September 20 at 10 am Eastern time.

Accenture Academy trendTalk Speaker

Every day we highlight headlines on the current wave of anti-globalization and anti-trade sentiments that are sweeping the geopolitical landscape. With heightened global tensions now turning toward anti-trade and possibly more protectionist rhetoric among developed nations, industry supply chains must be prepared to deal with potential near- and long-term implications that such policies will bring about.

The trendTalk examines the current anti-trade and anti-globalization forces impacting various nations and considers the uncertainties they generate. The potential impacts to industry supply chains and the new opportunities brought about in such an environment will be explored. We’ll address five actions that can be utilized and the steps your business and its supply chain organization can take to be prepared or to take advantage of these impacts.

Accenture Academy members should be able to view and register for this upcoming webcast in the upcoming events section of the member portal.