ERP technology provider QAD Inc. today announced that it has acquired European based supply chain planning technology provider DynaSys S.A. for €6.0 million ($7.5 million).  DynaSys, who generated approximately €5 million in 2011 revenues, is a specialized planning vendor catering to specific mid-market industry players within France and Europe. According to the announcement, DynaSys will operate as a separate business division of QAD headed by its current CEO.

This acquisition brings additional depth, geographic and industry concentration as well as technology augmentation to the global supply chain support area for QAD.  The DynaSys n.SKEP planning suite of demand and supply planning functionality has demonstrated penetration in luxury goods retail and distribution business environments along with the capabilities to deal with challenges of complex forecasting, high product mix, fluctuating demand, and seasonal replenishment cycles. DynaSys customers also umbrella pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics and other regulated industry. The vendor features an in-memory resident planning architecture, near real-time support for sales and operations (S&OP) process teams along with the ability to support product demand simulation.

Supply Chain Matters recently received a business briefing with QAD and we will feature a broader commentary on this vendor’s presence in the market in the coming days. Stay tuned.

Bob Ferrari