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Our latest Newsletter contains eight articles or updates:

  • Three summaries of global, developed economies and developing regions production and supply chain activity levels during the second quarter.
  • Dominant themes that permeated the quarter which clearly turned out to be multiple cascading supply chain disruptions from multiple dimensions. The question remains how many can be resolved this year.
  • Highlighted our recently published advisory series on preparing for the second half of this year in areas of planning, supply chain focused talent strategies, the ongoing global transportation crisis and direct material supply and demand imbalances.
  • Summarized three additional Supply Chain Matters podcasts that were made available in the first half of this year.
  • Called attention to our prior Supply Chain Matters blogs highlighting our most popular blog content and respective topics during 2020.
  • Noted that supply chain planning and response management technology provider Kinaxis will remain a sustained blog sponsor or our thought leadership.
  • Called attention to our upgraded look and feel for our two existing web sites.


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